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Follow the Money: Rubber

International backers. Vietnamese rubber barons. Clear-cut Cambodian forests. In our globalized world, international financiers and multinational corporations can deeply impact the lives of indigenous people in Cambodia.

Learn more about how we follow global financial networks to protect the rights of indigenous people whose livelihood is threatened.

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Community Empowerment & Legal Awareness

In many parts of Cambodia, individual citizen knowledge of legal and human rights are not widely known or regularly taught, leaving many vulnerable to exploitation.
Learn more about EC’s efforts to empower local communities to educate themselves on the law, and advocate for their own rights.

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Blood Sugar

European trade policies have made sugar plantations a sweet deal for developers in Cambodia. But what happens to the subsistence farmers who have long called the land their home?

Learn more about our efforts to support Cambodian citizens under threat from sugar industry exploitation.

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Lives Along the Rails

More than 4,000 families have lived alongside Cambodia's disused railway tracks for decades. With the Cambodian rail system under development, families who lived along the lines faced forced resettlement, and an uncertain future.
Learn more about our efforts to ensure their equitable re-settlement.

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Community Organizing for Housing Rights

Among the most effective tools in aiding communities is teaching communities to help themselves.

Learn more about our efforts to defend land and housing rights by empowering local communities with knowledge and leadership skills.

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Our Team

Based out of Phnom Penh, the EC staff works across multidisciplinary fields and with local communities to support human rights in Cambodia.

Learn more about our employment and volunteer opportunities.

What We Do

Development practices in Cambodia have adversely affected the country’s most vulnerable citizens, depriving them of land, homes, and threatening their human rights. At Equitable Cambodia, our goal is to transform the country’s development model into a system that respects, protects, and fulfills the human rights of all Cambodians. Learn More

Come Work With Us

EC is a dynamic, national Cambodian Non-Governmental Organization that endeavors to protect and support human rights across the country. We are currently searching for motivated and dedicated partners to join our team. Please visit our Employment section to learn more about our latest job opportunities and apply to join us as we work to improve Cambodia’s future.
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