Prek Ta Ngov I

Prek Ta Ngov I

“My name is Sopheap, and I was a vendor at the small market near my old place at Prek Parang since 1998. I was moved from there to Prek Tangov I because the government wanted to construct a 16-meters high highway at my previous place.

In 2015, the government asked us to move from our place, and gave 3000$ as the compensation for each family. Only 8 families agreed to accept the offer while the other 13 families still keep on fighting since it was such a small amount of money to find elsewhere to buy.

We had formed a community in Preak Parang, and made it a better place to live. We had done a lot of activities such as cleaning the sewage, picking up waste, and such to make the environment in our community cleaner and more hygienic. However, when the development plan was initiated, we had to accept the new offer which was to re-locate to Prek Tangov I.

I could easily commute at my previous place since it was nearer the market than where I am residing now in spite of having bigger space. We need some time to settle down in this area due to the fact that some utilities still need to be installed at Prek Tangov I such as sewage system, clean water, waste management, and electricity.

Finally, I would like to suggest the other communities fighting for their land and housing rights to stay strong, and fight altogether in order to get a better result like our community. We will always support the others community like they have done that for us.”