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Rubber giant to give back land July 28, 2017
Firm to Return ‘Spirit Mountains’ in Latest Land Concession July 27, 2017
Community Demanded Authorities Explain Satellite City Plans for Fear of Eviction July 25, 2017
People in Disputed Land Worry that the New Governor Might Be More Violent with Them June 18, 2017
Interior Ministry: NGOs Under Watch for Supporting CNRP June 01, 2017
Land Issue Promises May No Longer Deliver Votes May 31, 2017
Municipality of Phnom Penh Promised to Develop the Sewage ditch in Steung Mean Chey Without Evicting Citizens May 29, 2017
The European Union’s human rights legacy is tainted by its inaction in Cambodia. April 04, 2017
Government Threatens Land Rights Protesters With Legal Action March 28, 2017
Conference on Sugarcane Industry Hurts Cambodia’s Reputation March 24, 2017
Report ‘misleading’: IFC representatives March 24, 2017
World Bank hurting locals, report says March 21, 2017
Victims Put Pressure on ANZ Over the Loss-of Their Land February 23, 2017
Land Deal Leaves Bitter Taste For Sugar Plantation Evictees October 07, 2016
Rights Leader Resigns Amid Integrity Concerns, Criticism September 07, 2016
Residents displaced by railway renovations protest at Ministry August 25, 2016
‘No evidence’? No problem: NGO staffers found guilty August 23, 2016
Government Leaves Railway Evictees Deep in Debt August 22, 2016
EU Supports The Petition and Proper Compensation of The Citizens in Kampong Speu Province August 12, 2016
200 Families Come to Put Petitions at Equitable Cambodia to Withdraw Their Complaints and Their Thumbprints August 11, 2016
‘No evidence’, admits prosecutor in defamation trial August 09, 2016
The Sugar Plantation in Preah Vihear Province is Postponed August 08, 2016
Displaced Families and Sugar Companies Reached Agreement August 02, 2016
ELCs don’t reduce poverty: paper July 28, 2016
Mitr Phol evictees eye return to former land July 06, 2016
The ministry Has Received 81 Complaints from 19 Provinces and Cities July 04, 2016
Land dispute resolution teams unveiled July 04, 2016
Minister’s Environment Day Claims In Doubt June 06, 2016
New teams to settle land disputes announced June 06, 2016
Kampong Speu disputants ‘pressured’ to take sugar firm deal June 03, 2016
New group set up to tackle land disputes April 11, 2016
Koh Kong locals seek land’s return March 28, 2016
Evictions Signal Coastal Development Dilemma March 23, 2016
Coke to build $100M plant at PPSEZ April 01, 2015
Coke's zero tolerance for land grabs proves difficult to fulfill March 25, 2015
Plantations and Families Set Rules for IFC-Mediated Talks March 20, 2015
Civil Society: Japan Gives Concessional loans to End the Dispute Over the Construction of Railway Projects March 16, 2015
Residents of Kampong Speu Continues to Demand a Fair Compensation from Ly Yong Phat February 12, 2015
ADB railway cash not coming as direct aid October 30, 2014
Cambodians protest over Aussie refugee deal October 17, 2014
Cop accused of striking employee of local NGO October 13, 2014
Rights Group Claims Continued Harassment in Oddar Meanchey October 13, 2014
Rights worker beaten by Oddar Meanchey police while documenting land dispute October 11, 2014
Oddar Meanchey Police Hit a Staffer from Equitable Cambodia October 11, 2014
Oddar Meanchey Police Break Up Meeting Between NGO, Evictees October 10, 2014
Land Evictees Left Waiting as EU Plan Stalls October 08, 2014
Thai Human Rights Body Says Plantations Stole Land August 14, 2014
Land-Grab Complaint Against ANZ Filed With OECD August 09, 2014
Oddar Meanchey Authorities stop a Team from Equitable Cambodia from Interviewing about the Land Disputes August 08, 2014
Civil Society: H.E. Ly Yong Phat's Company Grows Sugarcane Seriously Affecting Local People August 06, 2014
The victims Request ANZ to Solve the Problems August 04, 2014
ANZ Bank accused of abandoning farmers after splitting with sugar firm July 21, 2014
ANZ Royal and sugar firm part ways July 07, 2014
Senator’s Sugar Firm Parts Ways With ANZ July 07, 2014
ADB Protest Leads to Meeting, Few Results June 27, 2014
People affected by the Railway Rehabilitation Project Have Petitioned for ADB to Provide Additional Compensation June 26, 2014
Questions to answer for Tate & Lyle in Cambodian land-grabbing action June 25, 2014
Boeung Kak Residents Talked About Advocating for Land Disputes Over the Past Seven Years June 12, 2014
Railway Families Recommend Fixes to ADB Assistance Plan May 22, 2014
ADB plan falls short: families May 22, 2014
Sexual abuse among claims against HAGL May 14, 2014
Rubber Firm Accused of Illegal Logging Puts Work on Hold May 08, 2014
Rubber projects on hold May 08, 2014
The Cambodian Solution? May 06, 2014
Rubber Company Suspends Projects as World Bank Investigates May 06, 2014
Government Agrees to Review of Railway Evictees April 30, 2014
ANZ faces accusations it financed business that forced villagers from land April 28, 2014
HAGL eyes Cambodia agriculture expansion April 22, 2014
Evicted Railway Families Await ADB’s Help April 09, 2014
EU will not investigate trade deal March 19, 2014
Sugar on EU visit’s agenda March 17, 2014
The Casualties of Phnom Penh’s Real Estate Boom March 12, 2014
Sugar firm opens doors March 11, 2014
A bittersweet success March 10, 2014
Coca-Cola auditors visit sugar suppliers February 27, 2014
Complaints Against Rubber Company To Be Assessed, World Bank Office Says February 27, 2014 February 26, 2014
IFC Accepts Complaint Over Ratanakkiri Rubber Plantations February 26, 2014
World Bank Office To Review Eligibility of Complaints Against Company February 22, 2014
The World Bank Claims to take Action on Indigenous peoples' Case February 15, 2014
Committee to ‘review’ sugar compensation February 12, 2014
Ministries to Help Farmers Hurt by Sugar Plantations February 12, 2014
Rubber fallout extends to IFC February 11, 2014
Minorities Complain to IFC Over Rubber Farm Funding February 11, 2014
ADB Waters Down Plans to Amend Mistakes in Cambodia February 10, 2014
Cambodian aid project partly funded by Australia led to child deaths, report finds February 09, 2014
Report: Development bank’s Cambodia rail project left thousands in poverty Read more at February 07, 2014
ADB Admits Fault in Rail Project, Pledges Compensation February 04, 2014
The European Union will Cancel a Trade Deal If There is any Case related to Land Encroachment February 03, 2014
EU Parliamentarian Probes Sugar Plantations in Cambodia January 31, 2014
Dropping Phnom Penh Sugar without compensating its victims will not relieve ANZ’s responsibility January 29, 2014
ANZ monitors Cambodian sugar client accused of human rights abuses January 23, 2014
ANZ Implicated in Sugar Plantation Evictions January 23, 2014
ANZ ethics under scrutiny over Cambodian sugar plantation loan January 23, 2014
ANZ under fire for loans to controversial Cambodian sugar plantation January 23, 2014
EU resolution passed against sugar abuses January 21, 2014
Four alleged loggers shot by Thai soldiers December 20, 2013
Thai Sugar Firm Meets With Koh Kong Evictees November 11, 2013
Thai Sugar Firms Refuse to Meet With Evictee Representatives November 07, 2013
World Bank Says Freeze on Lending Remains November 06, 2013
Petition for Investigation Into Sugar Trade Gains Support October 23, 2013
Everything But Arms September 19, 2013
Report Says EU’s Trade Scheme Is Impoverishing Villagers September 19, 2013
EU failing on abuses: study September 18, 2013
EU under fire for policy linked to land grabbing in Cambodia September 17, 2013
EU’s Everything But Arms initiative is impoverishing Cambodian farmers September 17, 2013
Bittersweet Harvest: Thai sugar company on land grab in Cambodia? September 13, 2013
Newspaper threatened over child labour story September 11, 2013
Tate & Lyle Company Facing Complaint in UK Court August 13, 2013
UK Sugar Firm Investigating Child Labor Claims July 25, 2013
Ethical Sugar Group Suspends Tate & Lyle Over Plantations July 18, 2013
Sugar groups suspends Tate & Lyle over Cambodia land-grabbing July 17, 2013
Cambodia's sugar rush leaves farmers feeling bitter at 'land grab' July 09, 2013
Group Considers Complaint Against Sugar Giant June 26, 2013
Authorities Deny Abuses at thai Plantation tied to CPP Senator June 04, 2013
Sugar firm under fire for human rights abuses June 04, 2013
Second Sugar Firm Taken to Thai Human Rights Commission June 03, 2013
Cambodia Plantations Not IFC’s First Controversy May 14, 2013
UK Sugar Firm files Defense in Cambodia Lawsuit May 06, 2013
Railway evictees seek ADB aid April 03, 2013
Rights Award Puts Cambodian Issues Up Front April 02, 2013
Media Statement: Railway Resettlement Debacle Cover Up: ADB Conceals Critical Expert Report March 18, 2013
Violence Against Eviction Protesters Condemned March 14, 2013
Statement: Police Beat Boeung Kak Protesters, Leaving Five Injured March 13, 2013
Report Shows Lack of Information on Chinese-Funded Railway If this Chinese company is an honest company, why it needs to hide something from the public? March 07, 2013
Cambodia 'blood sugar' leaves bitter taste March 03, 2013
World Bank Tight-Lipped on Resumption of Financial Assistance December 24, 2012
US Firm Prepares European Suit Against Sugar Plantation Owner November 02, 2012
EU may partially suspend trade agreement with Cambodia October 29, 2012
European Parliament Adopts Resolution on Cambodian Rights Situation October 29, 2012
Landraub mit europäischer Hilfe October 16, 2012
AusAID project 'abusing rights' October 11, 2012
Australia helps to rebuild Cambodian rail system October 10, 2012
AusAID defends human rights concerns over Cambodian railways project October 10, 2012
Housing Rights Activists Went to EU to Ask the Donors to Intervene October 01, 2012
Court Hears Borei Keila Evictees’ Complaint September 07, 2012
Railway Development Issue September 03, 2012
New twist in Cambodian sugar firm saga August 16, 2012
Is the European Commission sweet on land grabbing? Trade benefits, sugarcane concessions and dispossession in Cambodia July 23, 2012
Poipet families told to make way for train July 18, 2012
National Rail Project Heralded by Eviction Notices in Poipet July 18, 2012
Le sucre du Cambodge vire à l'amer pour les paysans expropriés July 04, 2012
Cambodians call for ‘blood sugar’ boycott July 04, 2012
Landless Cambodians see nothing sweet in EU sugar deal July 04, 2012
Families Call for Boycott of Senator’s ‘Blood Sugar’ July 04, 2012
New claims of rights abuses in World Bank-funded ‘land grabs’ July 03, 2012
Stop the sugar industry from bleeding Cambodian farmers by taking their land July 03, 2012
SOCIETE – Appel au boycott des fermiers cambodgiens : "Achetez ce sucre et vous achetez notre sang" July 02, 2012
City Defends Boeung Kak Project, Attacks Critics June 20, 2012
Cambodian mothers and grandmothers behind bars after facing off the most powerful men in the region: Will the World Bank stand by them? May 29, 2012
NGOs Condemn Violent Response to Peaceful Demonstration May 22, 2012
Strict Policies Needed to Stop Land Grabs: Advocate April 24, 2012
Families Evicted by Railway Project File Complaint With Bank April 03, 2012
NGOs Say Railway Compensation Report Devalues Homes March 26, 2012
Railway CEO Unaware of Pullout Report March 14, 2012
Toll Group alleged to be leaving rail project March 14, 2012
Derailed: Rehabilitation of the Cambodian Railway is Impoverishing more than 4.000 Families February 23, 2012
The ADB involuntary resettlement policy: Fifteen years on, the poorest still bear the brunt of development February 23, 2012
Derailed: Cambodia's Poor Paying the Price for Railway Development February 20, 2012
Group Calls for Halt to Railway Development Project February 18, 2012
Aid Buzz (February 14): Fragile states | AliceGhan | Peer coaching | Call for ADEW submissions February 14, 2012
Relocation Due to Railway Project Inadequate, Villagers Say February 14, 2012
Seminar – Launch of the DERAILED report February 13, 2012
Rail project families at risk: NGO February 13, 2012
BABC: Rehabilitation of the Cambodian Railway is Impoverishing Affected Families February 13, 2012
Australia asked to defend Cambodian NGOs January 18, 2012
Cambodia clash over real estate November 25, 2011
CD: Australian Grant to Assist Railway Families November 21, 2011
CD: Bank And AusAID Criticized for Treatment of Railway Evictees November 17, 2011
CD: Regional Bank Meets with Evicted Railway Families November 16, 2011
CD: Railway Families to Petition Asian Development Bank for Help November 15, 2011
Australia defends role in Cambodia rail project November 07, 2011
How the Thai Sugar Industry and European Union trade policy combine to produce thousands of forced evictions across Cambodia October 14, 2011
NGOs lobby to stop Cambodia implementing new law September 27, 2011
ADB still puzzled by controversial letter September 23, 2011
Cambodian Minister’s Letter Proposes Crackdown on NGOs September 22, 2011
NGO ban questioned September 21, 2011
ADB denies requesting action against Cambodian NGOs September 21, 2011
Cambodian NGOs under the gun September 20, 2011
Phnom Penh residents score landmark victory over proposed land grab September 14, 2011
CambodiaTrainspotter Monitoring the rehabilitation of the railways in Cambodia September 07, 2011
Land rights acrimony in AusAID Asian project September 06, 2011
NGO monitoring on Railway Rehabilitation Projects is Very Important for the Development September 05, 2011
Bittersweet harvest September 05, 2011
Cambodia's Bill to Limit NGOs Threatening Land Rights August 25, 2011
NGO Forum breaks silence on ‘warning’ August 23, 2011
Civic Groups Warned [by the Cambodian government] to ‘Readjust’ Their Work August 23, 2011
ADB backs under-fire campaigners in Cambodia August 20, 2011
More NGOs scrutinised August 19, 2011
Railway relocation frozen June 29, 2011
1.6 Million Titles Issued, but Problems Persist June 27, 2011
EU needs to take a firm stand on sugar May 23, 2011
Families in Russei Keo (municipality of Phnom Penh) given 30 days to move for railway May 23, 2011
Bitter taste of sugar trading May 20, 2011
World Bank eyes lake fight May 18, 2011
Aid donor battles Cambodia over forced evictions May 14, 2011
Cambodian rail line to displace country's poor May 13, 2011
Cambodians evicted in 'land grab' April 29, 2011
Special report Revealed: the bitter taste of Cambodia’s sugar boom April 13, 2011
Cambodia’s NGO Blues April 09, 2011
Cambodia and the limits of World Bank accountability April 05, 2011

Letters and Press Releases

CSOs call for charges against NGO leaders to be dropped and for an end to ongoing harassment of civil society January 31, 2018
Joint Statement_The first anniversary of the grossly unjust imprisonment of land activist & HRD Tep Vanny August 15, 2017
JOINT STATEMENT: CSOs call on Appeal Court to overturn the unjust conviction of land activist and human rights defender Tep Vanny; for an end to judicial harassment against her, and for her release from prison #FreeTepVanny July 26, 2017
Joint Statement: Dispute Resolution Process between HAGL company and its subsidiaries and 11 affected villages July 26, 2017
A Call for Justice: Civil Society Demands Independent Inquiry in Kem Ley Murder Case July 11, 2017
JOINT STATEMENT: CSOs condemn discriminatory denial of medical care to #FreeThe5KH detainees June 29, 2017
Ahead of Pride 2017, CSOs, communities and businesses stand in solidarity with Cambodia’s LGBTIQ com-munity and call for legislation to advance LGBTIQ rights May 11, 2017
Cambodian and International CSOs Condemn Removal of Banners Calling for the Release of Human Rights Defenders May 09, 2017
After Conviction, Civil Society Demands Independent Inquiry into Murder of Kem Ley March 23, 2017
International and Cambodian Civil Society Condemns Continued Arbitrary Detention, Calls for an End to Judicial Harassment and Violence against Human Rights Defenders March 05, 2017
Tep Vanny Convicted Again as Para-Police Attack Supporters February 23, 2017
Orange Colors Covers Prey Lang February 15, 2017
Human Rights Defenders Summonsed as ‘Suspects’ after Being Beaten by Para-Police February 07, 2017
CSOs Call for the Immediate Implementation of the Decision of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention January 21, 2017
Joint Statement - Civil society condemns harassment and obstruction of staff and film crew in Pursat province December 26, 2016
In Landmark Decision, UN Body Declares the Detention of Five Human Rights Defenders Arbitrary December 18, 2016
Civil Society Condemns Upholding of Conviction of Human Rights Defender Ny Chakrya December 15, 2016
Thousands Celebrating International Human Rights Day across Cambodia December 06, 2016
Built on Slavery: Debt Bondage and Child Labour in Cambodia’s Brick Factories December 02, 2016
Joint Statement World Habitat Day Marred by Brutal Beatings of Human Rights Defenders Phnom Penh, 10 October October 11, 2016
Joint Statement – Phnom Penh, 22 September 2016 Civil society condemns conviction of human rights defender Ny Chakrya September 27, 2016
JOINT STATEMENT: Phnom Penh, 25 September 2016 CSOs condemn Court of Appeal’s decision to uphold the conviction of Ven Vorn, but welcome Supreme Court’s acquittal of Prey Lang activists September 27, 2016
Civil Society Condemns Conviction of Human Rights Defender Ny Chakrya September 22, 2016
JOINT STATEMENT: Phnom Penh, 14 February 2016 CSOs declare support for Mother Nature and condemn crackdown against the organization September 01, 2016
Joint Media Statement on the Legal Proceedings Against Equitable Cambodia Staff Members August 22, 2016
Civil Society Calls for Immediate Release of Boeung Kak Lake Activists August 18, 2016
Media Alert on Mobilization Outside Equitable Cambodia (EC) August 11, 2016
Civil society launches #FreeThe5KH campaign in support of the imprisoned ADHOC staff and NEC official August 08, 2016
Statement: Civil Society Calls for Immediate Release of Boeung Kak Lake Activists August 08, 2016
Cambodian Civil Society Condemns Outrageous Murder of Political Analyst Kem Ley July 11, 2016
Civil Society Condemns Escalating Intimidation of Human Rights Defenders May 11, 2016
Developing Disasters – failed projects of Asian Development Bank May 04, 2016
Civil Society Condemns Charging of Human Rights Defenders May 02, 2016
JOINT STATEMENT: Phnom Penh, 28 April 2016 CSOs call upon authorities to immediately cease harassment of human rights defenders April 29, 2016
CSO welcome & introductions March 30, 2016
CSOs Declare Support for Mother Nature and Condemn Crackdown Against the Organization February 15, 2016
Joint Statement: Civil Society Strongly Condemns Violence Against Demonstrating Bus Drivers February 11, 2016
Joint Statement Dispute Resolution Process between HAGL company and its subsidiaries and indigenous villages
Banlung, Ratanakiri Province, Kingdom of Cambodia 19 January 2016
January 20, 2016
JOINT PRESS RELEASE – Phnom Penh, 16 November 2015 CSOs condemn opposition crackdown and express concern over threats to democracy November 17, 2015
Joint Press Release – Phnom Penh, 01 November 2015 CSOs call for an End to Impunity in Cambodia on the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists November 02, 2015
Press Alert - The Launch of NHRCT Investigation Report on Mitr Pohl Sugar Concessions in Oddar Meanchey October 28, 2015
Progress in mediation between Hoang Anh Gia Lai Company and eleven more indigenous communities in Cambodia September 21, 2015
Progress of mediation process with Hoang Anh Gia Lai September 17, 2015
Families Threatened by Cambodia Railway Development Again Seek Justice from the Asian Development Bank’s Accountability Mechanism August 31, 2015
CSOs call for the immediate release of opposition Senator August 18, 2015
Civil society concerns regarding World Bank reengagement in Cambodia August 08, 2015
CSOs condemn the conviction of 11 opposition party activists July 23, 2015
Joint Statement of Civil Society Organizations on the adoption of the Law on Associations and Non‐Governmental Organizations by the National Assembly July 22, 2015
Thailand must end harassment of researchers and human rights defenders July 17, 2015
Civil Society Calls On Senate to Reject LANGO July 15, 2015
Cambodia: Approved NGO law poised to hobble the work of civil society July 14, 2015
Cambodia Parliament Passes Draconian NGO Law July 14, 2015
Human Rights Violations in Koh Kong Sugar Plantation Confirmed by Thai Human Rights Commission June 03, 2015
Boeung Kak Lake: government should address serious human rights violations June 02, 2015
World Bank Safeguards Review – Phase 3 Consultations May 27, 2015
The Draft Law on Associations and Non-Governmental Organization (LANGO) May 22, 2015
OECD Watch and Equitable Cambodia co-hosted an event in Phnom Penh on Promoting Responsible Corporate Conduct in the Greater Mekong Region May 08, 2015
Happy Khmer New Year 2015 April 10, 2015
Billions in “out of control” IFC investments into thirdparties causing human rights abuses around the world April 01, 2015
Joint Statement Civil Society Organizations call for the release of 12 land rights defenders imprisoned for exercising their fundamental freedoms March 08, 2015
Civil Society Groups Condemn Use of Visa Denial to Curb Activism February 17, 2015
Civil Society Organizations Call on the Government and Political Parties to Respect Freedom of Expression February 04, 2015
Letter from Anuak - Ethiopian Requesters Regarding Inspection Panel Report and Management Action Plan February 02, 2015
Civil Society Groups Condemn the Ongoing Detention of 11 Activists January 26, 2015
Put Sombath at Centre of Lao UPR January 20, 2015
Thai Prison Labor Plan Draws International Condemnation January 16, 2015
Rights groups urge ASEAN to break silence on enforced disappearance of Sombath Somphone December 15, 2014
International organizations call for an end to arbitrary arrests against human rights defenders in Cambodia December 08, 2014
Commencement of Cambodian 'blood sugar' reparations process a crucial step towards justice December 08, 2014
Civil Society Groups Condemn Arrest and Detention of the Boeung Kak Lake Seven November 13, 2014
Not in Our Name Shame on Refugee Resettlement Deal with Cambodia In Solidarity with Cambodian Civil Society Organisations October 16, 2014
Joint Statement Regarding the Oddar Meanchey Authorities’ Continued Illegal Conduct Towards Equitable Cambodia’s Staff October 15, 2014
Displaced Cambodians file OECD complaint against ANZ Bank for financing massive land grab October 09, 2014
Civil society statement on World Bank safeguards October 09, 2014
Joint Statement Regarding the Illegal Detention of Equitable Cambodia Staff September 11, 2014
Statement in Response to Phnom Penh Sugar Company’s Allegations Against Equitable Cambodia Executive Director Eang Vuthy August 21, 2014
Kampong Speu Communities’ Mobilization against ANZ August 14, 2014
Findings of the Subcommittee on Civil and Political Rights of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand on the Koh Kong Sugar Cane Plantation case in Cambodia August 13, 2014
Letter to Executive Director (ED) Michael Willcock and Alternate Executive Director (AED) Bok-Hwan Yu July 30, 2014
World Bank’s Draft Safeguards Fail to Protect Land Rights and Prevent Impoverishment: Major Revisions Required July 29, 2014
Joint Statement - Civil Society Groups Condemn Baseless Charges and Call for an End to Violence and Repression July 17, 2014
ANZ should not leave Cambodian community ‘high and dry’ July 10, 2014
Dropping Phnom Penh Sugar as a client does not let ANZ Bank off the hook for financing human rights abuses July 07, 2014
The largest sugar company, located in England, Tate & Lyle has resigned from membership of the Sugar Association called Bonsucro June 10, 2014
The Primary Court in Phnom Penh will deliver verdict on the case of 23 May 30, 2014
Joint Statement – Civil Society groups Call on the National Assembly to Delay the Debate of the Three Draft Laws Related to Judiciary May 16, 2014
Request for disclosure and Consultation with the Requesters on the Draft Remedial Action Plan April 21, 2014
Re: GMS Rehabilitation of the Railway of Cambodia Project Remedial Action Plan April 11, 2014
Public Letter Urging an Immediate Investigation into the Disappearance of Khem Sophath March 24, 2014
Complaints from Indigenous Communities to the World Bank Working Group February 28, 2014
Coca-Cola auditors visit sugar suppliers February 27, 2014
Complaints Against Rubber Company To Be Assessed, World Bank Office Says February 27, 2014
World Bank Group Implicated in Illegal Seizures of Indigenous Land in Cambodia and Laos: Cambodian Indigenous Communities Call for Bank’s Help to Get Their Land Back February 10, 2014
ADB slammed in official investigation of Cambodian railway resettlement, ordered by its Board to repair damage done February 07, 2014
Civil Society Organizations Have Petitioned for the Release of the 23 January 29, 2014
Dropping Phnom Penh Sugar without compensating its victims will not relieve ANZ’s responsibility January 29, 2014
The Former Dey Krahorm community celebrates the Fifth Years of Eviction January 24, 2014
Thanking petiton to the US Embassy January 24, 2014
ANZ bankrolls massive land grab in Cambodia January 23, 2014
Boeung Kak Community representatives and Two Other Activists were Arrested January 21, 2014
US Congress Passes Law Demanding Redress for Boeung Kak Community, Pressures World Bank to Take Action January 16, 2014
Stop the Violence: A Call for Release, Investigation and Reparation January 16, 2014
Garbage cleaning along Stoeung Meanchey sewage canal December 23, 2013
IFC investment in the financial sector November 26, 2013
Coca-Cola: We salute your pledge and now we await your actions to make your suppliers respect human rights November 12, 2013
Opinion piece on land grabbing, sugar and Cambodia November 12, 2013
Bittersweet Harvest - A human rights impact assessment of the EU Everything But Arms Initiative in Cambodia November 08, 2013
Open letter to EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht on human rights and trade with Cambodia November 07, 2013
CSO Letter to Karel de Gucht November 06, 2013
BITTERSWEET HARVEST Assessing The Human Rights Impacts Of The European Union's Everything But Arms Initiative In Cambodia Report Launch Event and Panel Discussion Bangkok, Thailand November 05, 2013
Joint Letter to Secretary Kerry and Secretary Lew re. Advancing Human Rights at the World Bank October 17, 2013
Joint Statement September 18, 2013
EU's 'Everything But Arms' initiative is impoverishing Cambodian farmers Trade scheme must be reformed to safeguard human rights September 17, 2013
Cambodia: Respect the right to freedom of peaceful assembly September 05, 2013
365 Days Too Many – Release Yorm Bopha September 03, 2013
Keep Media Free: Unrestricted Access to Social Media August 07, 2013
Child Labor on Sugar Plantations in Cambodia is Well Documented July 20, 2013
"យើងទាំងអស់គ្នាត្រូវការពារសិទ្ធិទទួលបានព័ត៌មាន និងសិទ្ធិក្នុងការជ្រើសរើស" សង្គមស៊ីវិលសូមសំណូមពរដល់រាជរដ្ឋាភិបាល សូមមេត្តារក្សាសិរីភាពសារព័ត៌មាន July 10, 2013
Cambodian NGOs allege serious abuses linked to Thai sugar giant, Mitr Phol Sugar Corporation May 31, 2013
Petition about Cambodian sugar concessions filed with the Thai National Human Rights Commission Cambodian NGOs allege serious abuses linked to Thai sugar giant, Mitr Phol Sugar Corporation. May 11, 2013
An Open Letter to International Garment Brands Sourcing from Cambodia April 09, 2013
Denial of Release Pending Appeal Highlights Political Interference in the Court System March 30, 2013
Cambodia Resettlement Debacle Cover Up: ADB Conceals Critical Expert Report March 20, 2013
Appeal Court Orders Release of Mam Sonando, Kan Sovann & Touch Ream March 11, 2013
Police Beat Boeung Kak Protesters, Leaving Five Injured March 08, 2013
Legal persecution of land rights activists must end Yorm Bopha should be released immediately and unconditionally December 29, 2012
The race for land - a nightmare for the poor December 05, 2012
Free detained community members from Airport Village and stop the police crackdown ahead of ASEAN Summit November 21, 2012
Cambodian Railway Development Causes Human Rights Violations – AusAID complicit October 28, 2012
Joint Statement Investigation into Human Rights Violations Related to Trade Preferences for Cambodian Agro-industrial Products Must Begin Now October 12, 2012
Phnom Penh Court Sentences Independent Radio Station Owner to 20 Years October 08, 2012
Joint Statement: Two Days, Two Unjustified Pre-Trial Detention Orders For Prominent Land-Rights Advocates in Phnom Penh September 25, 2012
Families Displaced by Cambodian Railway Development Seek Justice from the Asian Development Bank September 05, 2012
Dispute over Economic Land Concession in Koh Kong's ChikorLeu Commune in SraeAmbel District July 29, 2012
Statement by Cambodia Clean Sugar Campaign July 17, 2012
Joint Statement: The 15 are Free, Now Let's End the Land Dispute July 06, 2012
Release of 13 Boueng Kak representatives tainted by police violence June 21, 2012
Open Letter to World Bank President Robert Zoellick and President-Elect Jim Yong Kim May 30, 2012
NGOs Condemning Baseless Convictions and Violence Against Human Rights Defenders May 26, 2012
NGOs condemn the unjustified and violent response to a peaceful demonstration by Boeung Kak residents and call for the immediate release of the 13 detained women May 19, 2012
Railway Replacement Cost Study Does Not Reflect Reality Joint Statement March 23, 2012
Replacement Cost Study Does Not Reflect Reality, Joint Statement March 09, 2012
Rehabilitation of the Cambodian Railway is Impoverishing Affected Families February 10, 2012
Boeung Kak Land Titles Mark a Positive Development for Housing Rights in Cambodia December 15, 2011
Setting the Record Straight: The Facts about the Railways Rehabilitation Project November 29, 2011
Criminal Charges Against Activists Won’t Solve Boueng Kak Lake Crisis November 03, 2011
Joint Statement Response to Govt Accusatation September 16, 2011
Eleven Boeung Kak lake villagers and children beaten and detained April 22, 2011
World Bank project tied to forced evictions in Cambodia March 10, 2011
Statement on NGO Coalition Meeting with ADB and AusAID Concerning Railways Project December 14, 2010
NGOs Express Grave Concerns about the Resettlement Process of the Railways Project November 02, 2010
HRTF Boueng Kak Press Release October 05, 2010
Boeung Kok Residents Denied Freedom of Assembly August 24, 2010
World Bank Agrees to Full Investigation into Land Activities in Cambodia April 29, 2010
Cambodian communities facing forced eviction launch Inspection Panel complaint against World Bank October 16, 2009
Report finds land registration program is entrenching inequality and failing to protect vulnerable groups September 28, 2009
UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) – BABSEA & COHRE Media Release May 2009. May 11, 2009
HRTF Boueng Kok Press Release_Aug 26 August 26, 2008
Joint statement on situation of evicted families from Mittapheap 4 village in Sihanoukville by Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia (BABSEA) and the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) May 19, 2008
Sihanouk Ville Eviction Case July 03, 2007
HRTF Press Statement on Boeung Kok Case February 23, 2007

Op Eds and Blog Posts

The Research Found That the Poor Urban Communities are Dramatically Increasing. July 17, 2017
The European Union’s human rights legacy is tainted by its inaction in Cambodia. April 05, 2017
The sugar industry has been catastrophic for Cambodia's poor, so why are companies being honoured? June 22, 2016
The Grand Theft of Dey Krahorm by David Pred July 15, 2010
Challenging Forced Evictions in Cambodia: The Boeung Kak Case, By David Pred and Natalie Bugalski March 19, 2009
Cambodia and US Then and Now by David Pred January 23, 2007
Development in the Era of Privatization: Fifteen Years On by David Pred January 02, 2007